Regular payments or transfers


Would it be possible to set up regular transfers out or payments for want of a better word. I am currently using other fx services to do this but losing a lot in spread and costs. Any plans?


@pertrader, this i good idea. Regular payments of bills for electricity, internet, telephone, etc. Just set date and send money instantly.


Great idea, I like it!
When it come to share the bill with friends for Netflix it would be super convenient! :smiley:


Hi guys,

Sounds really convenient. We’ll take it on board.

Thank you,

Andreas K


That’s also something I’m looking for.

A even more flexible idea (yet, likely more expensive for you to implement) is to allow a even more freedom to the user by releasing an API that allows to script recurring payments (or whatnot).

My use case is the following:

I use the revolut card only when I’m abroad so I don’t really need to have too much money on my account. I do receive regular topups on it though so I’d like to forward automatically the money once a cap is reached.

With an API it would be relatively easy to script.

If the application was opensource I would have it probably implemented myself but I guess you have your reasons not to opensource the code. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Revolut team, keep up with the good work.


I think this is a must-have!
That would be an easy to do feature. I have tried to send some payments for my electrical bills but the reference wasn’t processed the way it should have been, but they got the money and they somehow found it when I gave them a call and explained.