Registering card on TFL (

Has anyone managed to register their card on - I can use the card on the underground fine, but can’t register my card online.

Why would you want to register your card online? While in London I used mine just fine without any registration

CSV export of journey history, tracking multiple cards, …



Anyways! working now was a very specific address format needed to match in order for it to auth correctly.


Just tried for the fun of it. Added my Revolut MasterCard without any problems. Even possible to add a Virtual Visa one too.

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Hi, had the same problem.
Check if you enabled online payments for your cards in safetiness section in the Revolut app. You need that to add the card to tfl.

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I’m having issues adding my Visa physical card. I get a “Card authorisation for Tfl Unpaid Fares” notification from the Revolut app, but Tfl’s website says:
"Sorry, your card could not be added.

Please ensure the card details you provide are correct and the address you enter is exactly as it appears on your payment card statement. If you continue to experience this message please contact your card issuer as there may be a problem with your card."

Has anyone seen this? Is there a way to make it work? Thanks!

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Hi Scott,

I’m having the exact same problem now. Could you please provide some insight on how this was resolved?

Hi migki,

I sorted this issue by ensuring my Revolut account address (Personal details on the Revolut app) and then entering on the TfL website the address in the exact same format as per the personal details page.

Have a try as it did work for me.