Receiving euro payments

I would like to know if someone from outside (non uk) wants to send me money in euros can he send it through revolut in euros and receive it in euros ? By guving him my euros SWIFT bank
And what are the limits for euro as it is only shown in pounds (25k£)
Is it the equivalent

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Sure. Use your SWIFT EUR IBAN :slight_smile:

Why the Swift IBAN and not the “Local” one, @anon33247966?
I thought the Local details were for anyone sending Euris from a Euro account to a Revolut Euro account as long as they are in the EU.
I also thought the the Local details were free for both sender and receiver, while for Sort someone gets charged somewhere.
Is there a clear explanation of all this confusing stuff somewhere?

Where do I find my Revolut SWIFT number? I want a friend in Holland to send me Euros and have them added to my Euro Revolut account (obviously without conversion to UKP first. I assume Revolut detects that the funds are coming in in Euros and so credits direct to the Euro account.

SWIFT and BIC are the same. Your friend in Holland should make a EUR SEPA transfer, forward him your EUR account details as shown under “local”.

Hello guys I’m trying to receive a payiment from an EXTRA SEPA country (US) in EURO currency, when i go to my account and I open the international details I see just the iban and one BIC number.
Do I need an intermediary bic number or not?

From the support they are saying no, but I want to be sure 100%

The account details (iban and bic)for pounds and euro are the same, how will the bank sending the funds know weather to send euros or pounds?

Hi @Londonjeff

In the App, Account Tab, under the current balance, select the three dots […] then select Account Details.