Reap rewards with cashback wins and discount discoveries 🚀

Hey, Revolut Community!

Let’s talk about Shop offers¹ — did you know that every time you buy something with your Revolut card, you can earn cashback² and unlock exclusive deals?

You can use your Revolut card to save and get cashback², even when you’re spending. Retail therapy has never felt so rewarding. :shopping:

Do you have your eye on a new pair of trainers? Or has your coffee machine seen better days? You can get discounts3 for your favourite brands online and in-store — all in-app. Here’s how it works:
Go to Lifestyle on the bottom menu > tap Shop > follow the prompts to explore shops and benefits, like instant cashback or Pay Later

And what’s more, you can stash your cashback in your Revolut Pocket to save it for a rainy day or hit your savings goals quicker.

Join the conversation and share your best cashback wins and discount discoveries in the comments below.:point_down:t5:

1.Availability of Shops offers may vary depending on where you’re based. For country-specific details, refer to the Revolut app or website. Shops T&Cs apply.

2.Cash Back limits and T&Cs apply.

3.Discounts are subject to availability. Shops T&Cs apply

Note: Pockets are not savings accounts and do not earn interest. The terms ‘save’, ‘saving’, and ‘savings’ and similar references are used purely in a financial literacy context to describe the action of setting funds aside for future use

Veda | Community Team

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I’ve been a customer for quite a few years, not had many offers or perks but then new customers are receiving up to 5% cashback as a new customer for opening a new revolut account.

It’s a shame the longer term customers aren’t treated in the same regard, I’d love cashback on my supermarket spend.


In my opinion cashbacks are more complicated as earlier times at Revolut.
Now, you get a cookie from Revolut for this specific shop and it’s valid for 30 minutes only.
Why not just spend money with a Revolut card without getting a cookie from the Revolut shop? Can this be changed eventually?


To track the spend, revolut needs the cookie.

Otherwise nothing stopping you getting another cashback offer from another site and then also from revolut, financially benefiting from both which I guess revolut doesn’t want.