Re-imbursement of pre-authorization charge


Hi all,

I’m a new Revoluter so sorry if I’m asking a question that’s already been answered. I looked with keywords but didn’t find anything similar to my problem.

Basically my issue is that I registered my Revolut card into the Grab app (it’s the Singaporean version of Uber as Uber isn’t allowed) and I had a first charge of 1 Singaporean dollar (SGD) which is a pre-authorization charge from what the Grab customer service told me. Okay. The thing is, I used the app for a ride and had a pre-authorization charge once again (this time it was 21 SGD).

I was wondering if it was possible on the Revolut app to distinguish any “real” transaction (not pre-authorization charges) from the pre-authorization charges. Because right now I’m afraid the 22 SGD (1 SGD + 21 SGD) aren’t registered by Revolut as pre-authorization charges and that it won’t be credit back to my account. If this were to happen, I have no idea as to how to get a 22 SGD reimbursement.

Also, I don’t know if this is related but all of my transactions are listed as pending, is that normal? I’d expect at least my oldest transaction to be marked as completed.

Thanks in advance for your time!



Are the transactions listed as completed or pending?




They’re now listed as completed and the pre-authorization charges have now been credited back to my Revolut account so everything’s in order.

But now some transactions that weren’t pre-authorization charges have been credited back to my account, such as a $200 cash withdrawal. I had something like $40 on my account yesterday and woke up to find $240. I mean, that’s not something I’d complain about but is that normal??

Thanks in advance for your time.