Re-credited through card

Has anyone had trouble with using a revolut card for security deposits, then not being credited when deposit is returned?

No. All deposits were released. But this doesn’t necessarily work in real time. It might take a couple of days.

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Thanks Frank, it’s been 3 days so far. I’ll wait til after wknd to press further…

As long as the transaction is pending, I would not worry. Merchants have 7 days to claim or revert a payment. Or they let it expire. With hotels, this 7 day period unfortunately starts often after checkout. With car rentals, this is even longer. Sometimes they wait until the condition of a rented car is checked, days after a car was returned.

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Thanks for the reassurance Frank, money’s all in there.

In a seoarate note, there is no response by the online help chat. Is that normal? Just says ‘high demand, nobody free to chat’. Seems a bit rubbish!!