Promo to sign up Revolut and get a free Visa card until May 27th



A friend of mine using Revolut sent me a link to sign up to Revolut and install the app.

The adavantage was that I could get a free Visa card until the May 27th.

So, I’ve download the app.
But when I try to get the card, the only option available is Mastercard and I’m being charged to get the card.

I don’t admit to receive false promises.

Does any one else had the same problem?



You can contact support chat. They can refund you the shipping fee if the link doesn’t work properly.


What if another friend clicked first ? :slight_smile:


Han clicked first :wink: SCNR


I have the same issue and have raised it under in the in app chat with Revolut support. A friend referred me and hence I signed up yesterday and loaded my account.

I try going to request for a physical card and it gives me an error.


I’ve just requested a paid Matercard card…it was quicker this way rather then waiting for some reply…the team on Facebook mentioned they would refund me the money…


Hey, sorry to hear that. This is not a “free for all” promise. Only the first (and quickest) of your friend’s friends to click the promotion gets the VISA card for free. Let me know if you want to try my link but I suspect someone already clicked it.

Be safe and kind!



Thanks Frank for your help.

I’ve already tried to contact Support chat…still waiting for a reply since last night…

The main problem for me, and that’s why I don’t request the card (even paying, and requesting the refund later), is simply because I cannot choose the Visa card option (only appears Mastercard).


Looks like you’re stuck with MC until they “soon” give us the option to choose. They have said this since at least February.

I’m getting fed up of waiting. Don’t understand why they can’t just do it now.