Problems with virtual card

Hello, I’ve just signed up to Revolut, but stumbled at the first hurdle, I can’t get past the ordering a card screen. It gives me to option to go premium or order card for free, when I try and press order card for free the go premium thing pops up again, everytime it’s the same. The address I’m trying to send to is a UK one and I’m currently in France, but my mobile is UK, wondered if it was anything to do with that?
Help please #frustrated

Sounds like you might be ordering a physical card, and are hitting the surprise that Revolut charge a fee for getting the “free” card to you.
One way or another you have to pay for the physical card - either you have a free account and have to pay £5 for the card, or you pay each month for a premium account (in which case you get a “free” card)

Thanks for your reply, I’ve already topped up the card with £20 and can’t get past the order for free stage, I wondered if it is picking up my French IP address and freaking out as I’m trying to send to card to the UK?

Which app’s revision?
Have you tried to reinstall the app?

Oops I meant actual card not virtual, sorry new to this and still trying to find my way around the screen…

Not yet p, but will give it a go, thanks

Some users on this forum reported this problem.
Please check if your app is up to date.
If yes- try reinstall it.
It should work.

Most card choices require premium. Make sure you pick the blue card.

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App reinstalled, but still the same problem !!

Thanks Powie, I’ve chosen the blue card, but when I get to select a delivery method the free choose is selected but when I press on “order card for free” it brings up the option to upgrade to premium or cancel, when I press cancel it’s atarts all over again

App’s rev. 4.19?
If yes- the only way is to contact them via in-ap chat.
Do not forget to type live agent to pass RITA through

As I said earlier, one way or the other you have to pay for the “free” card. If you have a free account, you have to pay £5 to have the card sent. To get the card with no postage cost, you have to have a premium account.
This annoyed the heck out of me when they sprung it on me. By that time I had already payed in money and had “emotionally invested” in Revolut. Nasty trick, IMO.

Hi there,

free delivery is only available for premium customers. You need to select the standard delivery for GBP 5.