Problems to register me on step 2

I have problems to fill the step 2 of 2. I have filled all fields with my Spanish address but the webpage says I should fill it, despite I have done.

Hello again!
This is an ficttious but similar example about I have done:

Country: España.

Postal Code: 15670

Address Line 1: Eduardo Pondal 6

Address Line 2: Edificio 6 Piso 7A

City: A Coruña

State/Province/Region: España/A Coruña/Galicia

What is the problem?

I would be thankful if somebody could help me!

Thank you in advance!

It is already sorted out.

Glad to hear it got sorted out.
Enjoy your :r:


You are taking my address in Galician language (not in Spanish). We can name one street on regional language or Spanish language.

i suspect it wont accept the ñ

I wrote my address starting with the Word “Rúa” (Galician language) instead of “calle” and fortunately I could go on with the register.

Hey, I have the same Issue with my german adress. Filled out everything, but still getting the notification to fill out all fields (which I have done). Very frustrating. Any help/ideas?

ah…ok the problem stems from special characters. Replaced ß with ss and it worked.
I´d suggest a more clear error message or prevention of entering special characters in those fields @Revolut-Devs.

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