Problems starting off


Hi @edward , hi @AndreasK

Sorry to pick on you two, but I have a problem and you two seem active in the forums.

I made a fairly long post 24 hours ago about my problems making the initial top-up for my card. I was hoping to get advice on how to proceed.

But my message has not been posted in the forum.

Any ideas as to what is happening? Is it just very slow? I see lots of recent posts appearing. Maybe they also waited a few days before being posted?

Meanwhile I am stuck.

Thanks for any advice.


Starting off with Revolut is hard.

Normally I would have given up by now but this service has been strongly recommended by friends.

I made a long post explaining why my first attempt failed. This was never published.

AFAIK my status is that I am still trying to do the first top up.

Now, for some reason Revolut will not accept my pin number. I wrote it down so I know what it is, but OK, I decided to try the “I forgot” option in the sign-on screen.

I enter my phone number.

Then it asks for the last 4 digits of a payment number.

But I have not yet started so I have no payments !

Revolut, why do you make it SO HARD !


Hey there,

They’re asking for the last 4 digits of the card you’ve used to top up. Hope this helps. :wink:


Thanks @markthehipster

But I am earlier in the process. I have entered all my details but now need to make my first top-up so I can get my card.

But I am pleased because:

  • my post appeared very quickly (unlike the earlier ones)
  • and, thanks to you I have my first reply !

I am beginning to think that I have to restart the whole process. But I am scared that a 2nd attempt will be blocked either

  • the email address is used already, or
  • the phone number is used already


Either restart or try a different PIN? Or if you could detail the situation a bit more, we’d be able to help. :slight_smile: If we can’t we’ll call for Superman! :slight_smile:


Thanks again @markthehipster

AFAIK my status is:

  • I have entered all the basic info into the all
  • I am still trying to do the first top up
  • When trying the 1st top-up, I entered the wrong code for my bank’s confirmation so the top-up failed
  • at that point, feeling frustrated, I stopped
  • when I started again, my pin for the app did not work
  • today when being asked to sign on, I chose the ‘I forgot’ option. This failed (see earlier post)

What should I do now?


Can you try to contact customer service?
Or ping them on Twitter, they will be able to help you :slight_smile:


Thanks @markthehipster

I started again afresh, and it has mostly worked.

I have a new problem which I shall research first before posting (probably a new thread)

BTW, I never did find where Revelot’s customer service hides. Any ideas?


Bottom left option : More, then help, then scroll down, chat to us, then say” live agent” and ask the question :slight_smile:
Or @RevolutApp on twitter :slight_smile: