Problems logging into the Revolut App.

He abierto una cuenta esta mañana, he estado mirando como funcionaba el app y me ha gustado. Hice la transferencia para poder tener todo bien, hice fotos de mi DNI y mi foto.
Después un rato he salido del app.
He vuelto a intentar a entrar en el app para hacer una transferencia pero ahora no me deja entrar en el app, lo he descargado en 2 moviles y aun así no puedo entrar en el app.
Por favor, necesito ayuda.

Hello, AndreasK,
after a long search, I finally found a way to write you.
About 14 days ago Revolut wanted me to do an update, so I did. After that the app did not work anymore. I downloaded it again and now I can’t access my data anymore. There is nothing I can do.
What do I have to do to be able to use the app again and work with it normally?
Thanks for the help!
With kind regards
Dieter Kullmann

Because I come from Germany and my English is bad I had this text translated with DeepL.
Heute ist der 05. Juli 2020

I’ve been unable to access the app for almost a week now, because it says I need to do e-mail verification and the e-mail never arrives. I have already tried resending the e-mail multiple times during the last couple of days.

Hi @anon33247966,
I hope you are doing well.
Since yesterday, I’m unable to access to the Revolut app. When I open it, it asks me “Mobile number” as I’m new and never had an account. However I have one, and I don’t know what happened. From one day to another it seems like my account disappear.
How is it possible?
Can you please help me with that?
I can give you my number and my email address linked to my account.
I’m working professionally using Revolut so it’s a huge issue for me and my team.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Karim .

Hi. Phone has updated my app. Now it will not give me the option to log in. All I can do is open new account and then says email already in use. How can I log in??
Is there a phone number for customer support I can try.

@anon33247966. Hi. I notice the post above mine is the exact same issue as mine. Can someone please help me as I have money in this account.

I cant log to my account, my password didnt work and the app tells me my Phone number is différent.
Thank you

I’ve come here as I’m not sure where else to go, but it seems on topic. I too have changed phone and email address so now can’t access my account as when I enter my phone number it says it’s sent to an email address which has now been closed. Many thanks for your help.

new phone, forgot passcode keeps sending me in a loop where it sends me a 6 digit activation code but doesn’t let me add it and loops to pass code. I’ve sent pic and ID via app but the nothing. Please help!

Problem resolved itself in satisfying and mystifying way. Cheers

anyone? please! need access!

Please help its urgent.

anyone from Revolut please contact me!

Hi, I’m trying to sign up for an account in the UK, I unfortunately tried to sign up for Revolut in a country that wasn’t supported last year and now I’m unable to change country to the UK or access in-app support. Could you please help? @anon33247966

Problem solved through Twitter thank you

@anon33247966 Hi, I am having exact same issue. Changed phone recently. My 4 digit passcode didnt work, so I tried resetting. Then I clicked on the authentication link on my phone, app opens but asking for passcode which I dont have.

Hi Andreas could you help me please

I am having the same issue, I am going in loop asking for Passcode and old phone number but it does not recognise any. Can you please help?

anon33247966 (AndreasK) is a former staff member of Revolut that isn’t active anymore in this community, that is why his account is anonymised (“anon”).

Can anybody help, Revolut are asking to contact them direct but I cannot log in the app to be able to do so