Problems logging into the Revolut App.


I have recently change my phone and had to reinstall all my apps.
After reinstalling my Revolut app, I have tried several times to get in touch with the Revolut support team and for some strange reason it’s blocked, I cannot send any messages to them or request help.
All I need help with is the 6 digit activation code, as I don’t receive it via text message or call.
Could you please advise or offer any suggestion on this matter?
Thank you.


Hey Roxi. You can try and write to them on Facebook or Twitter.


Thank you Henrik! I will try to get in touch with them through those platforms.


Let me know if you need help :slight_smile:


Yes, I would appreciate some help please!
Thank you.


Could you please send me a direct message?


Hi Andreas,
I don’t know how to message you privately. Could you do that?
Thank you.

#8 top right


I am sorry but there is no ‘new message’ button or anything like that, therefore I am unable to email you directly. Could you please help me in another way as I desperately need to log into my app/account. Thank you


I guess it is a permission thing and your account here might be too new. @AndreasK?


I think so too, have read other posts related to this.


Hey @Roxi i have enabled DM’s for you, go to Andreas’ profile and in the top right click the message button


Thank you very much! :blush:


Hello, could I get some help ? Few months ago I got the account, but did’t use it for some time, now would like to try and use the card again, but I forgot my password.


Could you please try to log in with the phone number used to sign up -> Press Forgot -> to reset your passcode.


There is no “Forgot” section. When I enter my phone number it only lets me to create new passcode and when i do it it shows an error.


This means you’re not entering the phone number used to sign up which is linked to your account. Do you remember the phone number linked to your account?


Yes, I am still using the same one .


Ok are you able to send me a direct message please so I can take a closer look into your account?