Problem logging in after I stopped in the middle of the sign up process

I’m having problems logging in on the app. I started the registration process a while back but didn’t have my ID with me to scan and I didn’t completer the process. Now I tried to log on to finish the sign up and the app seems to recognize me because it asks for my passcode which I can’t remember but the shows an error message when I choose “forgot password”. At least I think this is the case.


Have you topped up you revolut account?
If yes- which method have you used? By card or wired transfer?

No I haven’t done anything I can’t even complete the sign up process which means I don’t even have access to the in app support going crazy here!!

In such situation I would reinstall the app and check it again. Second step- contact them via Twitter.

Ok thanks, yup already tried reinstalling so will try Twitter