Premium Plan Card

Should I destroy my original Revolut Card now that I have upgraded to the premium plan and now have a physical Premium Plan Card

You can keep it.

You can have 2 physical :R: cards active at any one time.

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Hi guys,

I have a standard card which is active but I am going to give it to my daughter and just received a premium metal card today but it won’t allow me to put money on it so I can activate it by chip and pin. My only other reasoning of this is that the card arrived 3 days early. Has anyone had the same problem.

It says we can have 2 active cards on the same account.

I can’t activate it without transferring money which it won’t allow either. Will only allow the standard card to receive money

All cards are connected to the same account. You can’t put „money on a card“ with Revolut, all cards withdraw from the same account.

You could set a limit for a particular card.
Can be spent per month and withdrawn.
This would be an alternative

Hi Frank,

Thanks for that. Realised today that when I activated my premium card that they were actually both on the same account. I wanted 2 separate cards but will now have to deactivate one.

Is “Revolut Junior” available where you live? This would allow you do do what you want. (You can keep two cards on your account if you want, you don’t have to delete one. You can keep it as a spare card.)

No, one is a standard card and the other is a premium card. I thought by getting 2 cards I could transfer money over to it from the premium card as they have different 16 digit numbers.

My plan was to give my daughter my standard card and she can use that as a day to day buying things and then put her bank card safely away and let that money build up over time

Technically, that’s a violation of the T&Cs. You’re not supposed to share the PIN code with ANY person, for example. This might not be relevant day to day, but in situations of fraud and dispute. I wouldn’t recommend this.

Quick question… if I upgrade to premium, do I have a new card number and what happens to the old card number? Do I keep that and have a standard number and premium number on the same account?

No, unless you order a new card. Old cards are still usable until they expire or are deleted in the app.

Thanks. So I keep the same card number, just have the extra premium features?

I wanted to add my +1 not @nick69g question. I’m stuck abroad because of lockdown and I wanted to upgrade to premium to use the saving vault. I won’t be able to recieve a new physical card, and it’s very important to be able to use my current one. I’m afraid to upgrade and lose this one, as I don’t remember having ordered a physical card when I first signed up, and it came anyway. Although it was a while ago, and I could be misremembering.

Just to double check, as Nick said, I upgrade, keep thesame physical card, and will be able to use the saving vault?

See @zapata’s answer a few posts back.

I don’t think they sent you a card out of the blue. Most probably you ordered the card.

Hi all,
I am new to the Revolut Community and unfortunately could not find any response to my question. I have just upgraded my account from Standard to Premium and would like to order a physical debit card. In terms of design, I would go for the standard one, however, could you please confirm that, despite choosing this „Standard“ card, I will still be able to benefit from the Premium plan features (withdrawals of up to 400 Eur / chf etc.)?
Many thanks in advance

Hello, if we buy the plus plan for 1 week and order the chromatic card he gonna work normal ok, but and if we cancel the plan after we receive the card, we pay the taxes of 6,99€ of Order and 14,99€ of Material to do the card and this card continues working or he is canceled?

Not sure I fully understand the question. Generally cards keep working to the expiry date, even if you change your plan. It may be different in the Eurozone, I’m on the Plus plan too and had to pay for the chromatic card anyway (it didn’t come free with the plan), therefore the plan level shouldn’t influence the card at all.

If in doubt check with support.

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