Premium free month trial changed to 14 days cooling-off with NO NOTICE or email communication


Hi everyone,

I have been a good fan of Revolut, and been very satisfied with its service up UNTIL TODAY.

I first joined Revolut on August 2017 and decided on 14th Decto go for a free trial on Premium. By the time I joined as premium it was clearly displayed in the app and T&C that there was a FREE MONTH TRIAL for this service.

Today, 21 days only after I joined, I have decided to cancel my premium, before the free month trial would end.

I contacted customer service and requested a cancellation, and to my surprise they told me that they would need to charge £14 for this. They said that T&C changed but I did not received any notice or email communication in relation to this.

I was told that new T&C were notified by email to all customers on 2nd Jan, but I did not receive it. Moreover, how on earth they decided to change from 1 month free trial to 14 days even after the 14 days period would have already ended for many customers not been aware.

This is outrageous.

Has anyone had the same issue, if so please share with us your comments on this.

I am so disappointed now at Revolut that I will not only stop using this service but I will close all my accounts for good.


Hi @alconcande.

Let me first express my apologies for any inconvenience caused. We strive to provide the best and most efficient customer support to our users but unfortunately your experience so far is not the kind of service we strive to provide.

Please reach me out via a direct message, so that I can review your case and provide a solution.


Andreas K.


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your message.

Is it OK by email?, or did you mean reaching you out on community forum?



I mean here :slight_smile: Don’t worry, I’ll do that for you.


Same, pretty much. :unamused:

I concede that I have an email from early December that I’d missed, detailing changes to T&Cs that included that Premium services need to be cancelled within 14 days, but it certainly wasn’t at all clear when I actually signed up for Premium on the app on 13th December. I, like you, thought it was a full month’s trial and was surprised to find otherwise.

I’ve just coughed up the £14 to ditch Premium as I wasn’t using it enough, but I’m pretty disappointed by this setup.

Information like this should definitely be included in the ‘Welcome to Premium!’ email, particularly as it’s not included in the app at all that I can see.

Was there a month’s cooling off before 12th that confused me? I don’t know, because in-app customer support just told me to ‘Please look at the rules’ when I asked. :woman_shrugging:

I guess I’ll just be more wary if I continue to use the service, though it’s put me off.


Same experience as the original poster, the iPhone app said a month free trial and now support want to charge me £14 to cancel. Really annoyed with this and will be complaining.


The same thing here. I signed up on 3rd January and got instant confirmation email that my payment will be on 3 Feb.
So I thought that I am on monthly trail period.
After that, I have been charged 6.99£ on 9th Jan, wihout any reason?

And now have been charged additional 14£ for cancelation :frowning:

Can anyone help please?


Hi there.

You can find more info regarding our Premium Plan here:


Hi there,

Thanks, nice reply indeed :wink:

You can take a look how Amazon or Netflix handles such issues.

I thought that Revolut is different from other companies that you try to differentiate from, but I was so wrong!

Thanks, all the best :wink:


I’m really sorry to hear that. However, as previously explained via in-app chat, you’ve upgraded your account to premium on the 3/1/18. According to the agreement we have place with you ( there is a 14£ fee if you cancel after the first 14 days of signing up. As I can see you’ve received the email with the T&Cs at the same day of upgrading your account.


You know, the problem is that legally you might be fine, not sure.

But customer-wise, it is so bad :frowning:

PS There is no T&C in email that I got.


I have the same problem. I’ve started 1 month free trial) (it was saying 1 month, not 14 days), added reminder in my calendar to cancel it after 27 days and now when I’m trying to do it they want me to charge cancelation fee + they charged me for this first “free month”.

So it isn’t free at all. It’s Cheating. @AndreasK - it’s the poorest customer service I’ve ever seen. Goodbye Revolut.


Hi Michal. Really sorry to hear that. However, there’s no free free premium month, for users who subscribed after December 12th 2017.