premium account allow access to MasterCard airport lounges!

As its a travel card it would be nice to have an extra benefit of MasterCard lounges in airports :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s a nice idea, but I don’t think that the costs of having that feature will be easily covered.

Could be possible to offer 2-3 times free acces and other visits £20. but I think that the fee will become higher.

The economics of free access would be very difficult to make work. However, discounted entry to otherwise unavailable lounges is something that might be possible


That will be also fine to see!

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Have to say that the typical Premium user probably not too interested in this sort of service. Probably looking more to higher limits (in terms of ATM withdrawals.).


Well , by offering this “luxe” options Revolut could attract more customers from business.

Some banks offer a lounge pass scheme with priority pass and/or dragonpass (coop priveleged).
This offers a reduce rate on for cardholder and any guests with first 4 lounge visits a year for card holder free (guests are charged).
This type of scheme would seem like a solution to the issue of the cost for revolut and still offer the users a excellent perk that would be very relevant to the customer base.
I currently pay £11 per month for the packaged account which also include travel ins and would quickly switch to revolut premium if lounge access was offered on similar basis (discounted and 4 free visits)

Do not think that Revolut will introduce this with the Premium account as the costs that are high now will increase more. Maybe and its something I hope to be honest is that Revolut will create an more luxe account ( an Platinum account)with these Royal advantages. But for now we have to do it with Premium.

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It says on their app the airport lounges are coming soon for Premium Accounts.

Today we got the travel insurance. That was in “soon” stage too.

Les see with the airports. But I can bet this will be VERY LIMITED to few airports…

I think it will be a sort of “Priority Pass” and the customer pays for every visit around 30Euros

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Useless. 30€ is a lot.

In many airports you already have this without to be a member of a bank/ card/ whatever. And can be even cheaper.

Here you need a subscription of 99 a year and you get acces with a fee(maybe cheaper then regular visits)

For example in Dubai their hyper cool lounge is 120 dirham (26€) without any subscription.


Many lounges offer entry for 25-35 € so let’s see what the deal might be.

I am very interested in Lounge Access. Being a traveller that is okay with Economy and mainly a Norwegian user, then it would be great.

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I am interested in both @capital and @henrikbjorn. I think higher limits is an excellent and much needed idea, 400 Euros is very limited. But agree with @henrikbjorn that Lounger Access would be amazing and add, for me, extra appeal to my Premium account.

Anybody know if you can use Mastercard Card to access Bucharest OTP Mastercard lounge? I’ve tried but they said I wouldn’t…

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There is NO lounge acces yet…