Premium Account Activated with no payment linked?


I activated premium account as didn’t realise it would do so without prompting for a payment method. I have not yet linked any payment card to my account or topped up. My question is, what happens with regards to my balance? Will it be accumulating a negative balance with an eventual debt owed to Revolut? If that’s the case I’d like to cancel premium or close my account ASAP.

Yes, I believe so. To cancel, please contact support via in app chat.

Thanks - I have but not getting any response :frowning:

How long ago did you activate it?

As for the support chat, type “live agent” to skip the chatbot.

I activated this morning

In that case you can easily cancel it at no charge, just make sure you are not using any of the premium services.

Have you managed to get an estimate how long you will need to wait in the chat?

Jut write them everything that you want them to do. Once an agent is assigned to your case, they can solve your problem without getting back and forth too much with them.

Thanks, well thats the thing. I didnt top up or link any card. So I presumed when i selected premium it would ask me for one.