Portugal.... Paying And ATM’s

Hello All,
I did a lot of traveling around S.E.Asia, Australia about 4 months ago and apart from making a few mistakes when drawing Indonesian Rupiah (Do I take it fro Checking or savings) Revolut was fantastic.
Now Portugal for a short break in 2 weeks,
Should I convert my Sterling to Euros OR Not that way letting ‘Revolut’ do everything for me?

When drawing currency (ATM) What button should I press, Savings/Chequeing/ Etc.
Any help would be most appreciated

The answer is found in the help section here:


It depends. You can let Revolut do everything and the sterling will be exchanged on the fly with no fee and at the interbank rate. However when the market is closed on the weekends there is a small 0.5% markup. So in that case it might be a good idea to exchange before the weekends. Also you can exchange if the rate is really good.

More general information about how the spending works with difference currencies, see this article:


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Thank you for your assistance.