Please add Amex Support!



It would be great if I would be able to transfer money from an American Express Card to the Revolut account! :slight_smile:


Or a Chinese bank, that would be nice.

Oops no, this is the Revolut app for Revolut cards. Amex probably do an app for you…


I mean transfer the money from an Amex card to your revolut account


Yeah, I agree this but I do appreciate why they haven’t.

When you are a merchant accepting Amex, you have to set up an agreement with them directly and their fees are considerable more than Visa or MasterCard.

I would happily as a customer, pay the extra fees for accepting Amex, as those fees are peanuts compared to the extra benefits I get, like Air miles.

But, new regulations are coming in, which stop companies adding Credit Card surcharges or fees, so the company has to swallow those costs now, or find a way to charge them, by, I don’t know, calling them something else! lol!


I suppose it can be called “refill fee” and when you refill by other means the fee is “discounted” to 0


Any news about Amex support?
Would be great if this could be added, although there might be higher charges which we would need to pay


So far no news, pretty sad, revolut pushes out new Updates almost weekly but they didn’t add the American Express top-up functionality.


Diners Club as well, but the problem remains that they have to incur higher charges for accepting amex and Diners payment methods. So it’s not feasable!


Have a look at that: Amex vs. Visa & MC

So, in Germany e.g. I very, very see that Amex ist accepted. There’s just no market for it in Europe.

The expansion to US may change that but… soon. :man_shrugging:t3:


You made a very good point that expansion to USA may change that but there is a possibility that it might not be completely free for amex. Anyways this idea is very concrete and possible :wink:


American Express has a lot more restrictions for the categories where their cards can be used which might restrict this application.


No. This is certainly not a problem. If Revolut’s system accepts amex, then amex certainly has no problem with it. Many mobile wallets accept amex to load money and recently, even “Curve” announced Amex support so don’t worry about it.