Please add Amex Support!



It would be great if I would be able to transfer money from an American Express Card to the Revolut account! :slight_smile:


Or a Chinese bank, that would be nice.

Oops no, this is the Revolut app for Revolut cards. Amex probably do an app for you…


I mean transfer the money from an Amex card to your revolut account


Yeah, I agree this but I do appreciate why they haven’t.

When you are a merchant accepting Amex, you have to set up an agreement with them directly and their fees are considerable more than Visa or MasterCard.

I would happily as a customer, pay the extra fees for accepting Amex, as those fees are peanuts compared to the extra benefits I get, like Air miles.

But, new regulations are coming in, which stop companies adding Credit Card surcharges or fees, so the company has to swallow those costs now, or find a way to charge them, by, I don’t know, calling them something else! lol!


I suppose it can be called “refill fee” and when you refill by other means the fee is “discounted” to 0