Please add a Payment Sorter functionality

I am with bunq right now, and although I despise it (their support is awful and their features are not working or completely glitched 60% of the times), they do have ONE specific feature which makes me stay with bunq… and even make me pay them more. (Unfortunately) – this feature is a Payment Sorter.

What does it do… and what are the usecases?
For example, I do freelancing. Each time I get a payment from Stripe (payment processor), I make the following happen. – Firstly, it enters my Business account. 30% of that stays in my Business account, whereas the remaining 70% gets sent into my personal account. 50% of that 70% goes into my Savings, rest stays in my regular account.

No one wants to do this by hand. It takes time and is annoying to do. So… automating it really helps.

This feature also makes Pockets more useful.
Say you have a “Travel” pocket, a “Savings” pocket, an “Emergency” pocket as well as a “Fun” pocket. Just a few random examples. Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically sort money into that when your salary comes in? No need for manual transfers, just a either a % or a set € of money from your salary drops into the right pockets. Automatically.

Personally, I am paying around 20€ a month EXTRA for bunq specifically for this feature. I know it’s pretty sad, but it’s genuinely how much I need/want it. It simply simplifies my payflow a lot. I desperately want to leave bunq, but the lack of this feature isn’t allowing me to do so.


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We appreciate the feedback. We’re constantly exploring ways to improve our automation features. Stay tuned for future updates! :sunflower:

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This would be massively helpful for us - we have a rental flat and use a pocket for all outgoing payments. To automatically send the incoming rent payment to the pocket would be fantastic.

I guess there are 2 elements to this -
a) redirecting specific payments to a specific pocket and
b) splitting specific payments (by an amount or by percentage) into different pockets.

I guess part a) is possibly easier to implement in the first instance?


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We appreciate you for this valuable feedback. :star:

a. After a few purchases from the same store, you’ll be able to seamlessly add those payments to your Pockets. If there is only one transaction, our system will not assume it as a recurring payment.

There might be a few exceptions where certain merchants aren’t compatible with scheduled payments or Pockets just yet.

b I’m afraid splitting specific payments into different pockets isn’t available yet. But I will be sure to pass this onto our team for consideration. :rocket:

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I know that, but both myself and the OP are talking about sorting INCOMING payments!

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b would be what I am looking for. Below is how it looks like in bunq (might be handy for reference). After you click on “Sort this payment” it’ll ask you if it should sort this payment and this payment alone, or if it should start doing the sorting for that same account every time a payment from that account comes in.


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I understand. We appreciate this suggestion. Keep exploring the community. :rocket:

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