Phone Insurance Available in the UK


Any chance that the phone insurance feature will be released in the UK?
I think myself and a lot of others would really like to make use of this feature which at the moment doesn’t seem to be available from the UK.


The insurance provider that Revolut uses for device insurance appears to be a German company called Simplesurance GmbH.

Unsure as to whether they operate in the UK market.


I know for a fact that Simplesurance GmbH operate in the UK market as I when I purchased a Oneplus phone, I purchased it with the extra insurance/protection which is offered by Simplesurance GmbH and I had to deal with them when I smashed the screen of my phone.


Might be a Brexit-related issue then.

Simplesurance, as a financial services company based in the EU, ‘passports’ in via EU legislation (I assume it’s Insurance Mediation Directive (2002/92/EC).) into the UK.

Once the UK–EU negotiations are finally concluded, if a ‘hard Brexit’ does occur (with no transitional arrangements in place.), financial contracts such as insurance will be a problem, as financial services companies based in the EU/EEA will no longer be able to operate in the UK.

So perhaps it’s that.

How was your experience? Was it value for money?


Looks like it’s an operational thing.

Coming very soon.

Revolut Premium

I’m wondering how much bullshit is involved when trying to get your phone replaced after a fatal accident.



It’s currently available to residents of France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy! Coming very soon to rest of our countries :slight_smile:


Was extremely good value for money (about 50% of the price of competitors)which is why I went for it in the first place. Was very quick and easy to deal with when I had an issue (they ended up returning the full amount paid for the device instead of fixing it as they didn’t have a spare part). Only thing which was a bit annoying was some other companies offer next day replacement whereas I had to wait about 2 weeks for them to transfer the money back.


Didn’t have to bullshit at all actually. Told them I dropped the phone while getting out of the car and that was it they started the insurance claim process


If it’s ‘fatal’, meaning ‘you’re dead’, then getting your phone replaced would be near the bottom of your list of priorities.


Fatal for the phone obviously. I’m currently paying 99 DKK for no questions asked insurance. I will just assume people are decent and don’t break their phones because they think they are benefiting somehow.

So i’m interested in how much this is being abused by the consumers and how much bullshit people with actual accident have to put up with before they can get their phones replaced.


I assume it will be contextual.

If a particular policyholder ‘breaks’ their phones every month, either their subsequent premiums will go up, or they will not be taken on in the future.

Additionally, they may be liable for fraud if they are abusing the system via improper claims.


We are waiting for device insurance for all Eu customers


Good news . We’ve now launched Device Insurance in the UK and will be rolling it out across all other EU countries in next 2 weeks. Go to the ‘More’ tab of the app to protect your phone. We choose Simplesurance as they have a great reputation for delighting customers. Check out the positive reviews customers left here after having their phone repaired by Simplesurance