Paypal question



In my UK Paypal account I hold a dollar balance . When I want to transfer this to my bank, I normally do a currency exchange in PP and then transfer the £

If I used revolut, could I just transfer dollars and, if I did, would PP do the currency exchange or would revolut do it?

Just seeing if I can save myself the 3.5% PP tax and horrendous exchange rates they give me.


Hey, currently there are no USD personal account on Revolut, you could exchange the GBP into EUR in PayPal and then withraw the EUR to your personal EUR account in Revolut. Or you can create a Debit Card in USD and you can transfer directly USD from your PayPal account to your Debit Card but you will pay a fixed fee of 2,5 USD for each transaction and also you have a limit (500 USD / day until you reach 10,000 USD transacted through PayPal).