Payment with proper reference message

Hey there. I have a savings account which in order to send money to I must do a bank transfer and put my account number as a reference. I notice when doing a payment in Revolut the receiving bank shows the “description” text you put in “additional info”. When doing a transfer from the other bank I have an option to set the message the reciever is shown on their statement, i.e. I can set the sender’s reference.

What revolut does is fills this reference with IPxxxxx where XXX is a 14 digit number.

Can you help? This is a necessary feature for those who rely on this reference field.

Thanks :slight_smile:



I realise this is similar to another post I just found.

Thanks guys for your help. I have talked to support but finding it very difficult to get across what my problem is to them. Can attach comparison images between banks if you do not get it from the above description.


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