Payment Pending for 6 days

Several problems really…

  1. I have a payment from my bank which I made on Jan 12th…It has left me bank but the transaction shows as pending.
  2. I tried live chat on my Android mobile but with no luck. I can type a message but cannot send the message…I don’t see any agents…it looks like it is not working
  3. I tried calling my the support number to speak to someone (02033-228-352) when I tried to put in my DOB it said I have that wrong. I have send my passport etc so maybe I typed in my data of birth incorrectly

Sorry about all that…how can I process this to correct the above items?

I have check my phone app and my DOB is correct…no idea why phone message said I had entered it 3 times incorrectly

Hi there.

Unfortunately, due to high demand for our support team there’s a delay in getting back to our users. However, a member of our support team will get back to you as soon possible.

In regards your pending transfer, please note that the pending transfer to your Revolut account will be automatically be assigned to your account, once you have increased your annual top up limits. In order to increase your annual top-up limits, you’ll need to provide official documents showing the transactions that generated the funds used to top up your Revolut account, along with a copy of a bank statement showing the funds entering/leaving a personal bank account in your name.

I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter.


Andreas K.

Hello, I am having a similar problem - my housemate transferred some money to me 7 days ago and it still says ‘pending’ in my account. I have tried to chat to the in-app chat bot and tried calling, but neither of those methods were helpful. Can you please assist me?

My payment from work has been pending since Wednesday. I have tried to start chats with the support team everyday since the payment was made to me but nobody has answered. Please help.

Write to and if they don’t do anything within a week, contact the UK Financial Ombudsman.

Also, stop using Revolut. As long as they believe what they are doing is okay, they will not care about fixing it. It’s really something that does make a difference: Vote with your wallet and vote with your feet.

Have almost same problem friend send money using phone number but still pending.same to me if I want to send money to friend pending to :person_facepalming: