Payment not completed, but cash was taken

I have a problem with payment.
Today I paid for the game in Blizzard shop. I use my revolut visa card.
When I finished form to pay I had to type the second password to blizzard, but I lose it. On next screen, I see a description that payment not finished. But from my revolut account missing 1euro. I was tried one more time to pay.Before I set a new password for blizzard shop, etc. On next time, payment was not finished, but from my revolut account missing next 1 euro.

Can You help me where or why my money missing out from my account? And where is my money? This is commission for what?

I would guess that these were token transactions to test the card. I would also guess that if you tap on the transactions shown In the app they will say ‘Pending’ at the top. If this is so it is highly likely they will simply disappear and no money will leave your account. In the unlikely event they show as ‘Completed’ you need to contact support via the app. There is little point doing so unless/until they show as completed.

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Thanks TonyP for answer. At this moment on the top of transaction I see “Pending”, now I must waiting for recharge back?

Yes - if it changes to ‘Completed’ contact support. If it stays as ‘Pending’ it will eventually disappear.

To the end of this discussion. Will all cash be back to my account?

The merchant have 10days to collect the amount. If they do not then you will get the funds back. If it changes to “completed” then you need to contact support and start a chargeback process :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys for all answers :+1: