Paying GBP into a SEK account

My revolut account is registered in Sweden (SEK) but i want to load it from a UK (GBP) account to spend as SEK (in Sweden).

Is this possible?


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You can activate you British account and use the information there to load from another British account. And then exchange inside revolut.

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I saw that, however in the FAQs it says; β€œthe rule is to deposit in the currency where the account is registered.”

Yes, the currency of the account you are using to send funds from. So in this case you should send GBP to your Revolut GBP (Personal IBAN, remember to activate this!) and after that use Revolut to exchange it into SEK. If you send GBP to Revolut SEK then Lloyds will use their own exchange rate and not the one offered by Revolut.

I think i understand now.

Thank you