Paying fee to transfer money from a Revolut GBP account to another GBP bank (not Revolut)

Hello All,

Sorry for opening a post but I had no idea where to write it.

I live in Germany and due to that my main account is an Euro Account. I have also opened a a GBP Revolut account.
I have lived for more than 10 years so I still have my “high street GBP bank account”.

I have tried to move money from my GBP revolut account to my GBP account and Revolut charges a fee.
Is this not a GBP to GBP transaction which should not result in into any fee? However, when I try the transaction, Revolut is charging a small (very small ) fee.

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Since you’re a resident in Germany, Revolut charges fees for transfers that aren’t considered „local“ based on their definition. You should find this explained with examples in the fees section of the T&Cs for your specific country and plan.

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Thank you , that makes a lot of sense.

However, when I lived in UK, I used to convert GPB to Euro with Revolut and than send to an Euro account. In this case I had no extra fee. How comes?

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SEPA payments are regulated. Revolut does not charge fees for SEPA payments.

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ah ok, I thought that GBP to GBP transfer were considered same-country transfer, even if I live in EU.

Thank you

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I am glad that your issue got resolved @geniaco. :hugs:

Thank you for the help @Frank. :star:

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