I was wondering if Revolut is thinking about getting strong partnership with organisations who have their employees travelling globally.
Actually Revolut was suggested to me from a cabin crew from a big name in the airline industry (whom I happen to work for as office based staff).

Cabin crew need to have allowance and expenses during their layovers in the cities served by their employers. How about getting some deals with some of these airlines so that their crew/employees all have a Revolut card where they can convert their Euro allowances and expenses wherever they go? The main account would be the airline’s HQ one , allowing to dispatch funds according to their destination and stay length.
In the end it is just about getting an IT solution that would allow such a big management of the cards but surely it is a deal that can be passed with an industry such as an airline, as long as it proves to simplifies dealing for the airline.

Just an idea really, as I know some of the crew of the airline I work for use it extensively.
Many thanks


Great idea. The cabin crew of airlines is a fantastic use case for Revolut, given their need to pay in different currencies on a regular basis.

Sounds like the airlines themselves should sign up for Revolut for Business. Probably best for their Business Development teams to reach out to Revolut’s BizDev team.


Hi @Fabrice_M - thanks for your suggestion, as @capital says this is a great idea which would save people a lot of money and unnecessary pain when travelling around the world.

We are in fact already exploring this with a number of travel-based partners - and we are also rolling out an API in the next couple of weeks that will automate the whole process of managing the accounts, so it will make it easier for big companies to do this (more on this shortly…). In the meantime, thanks again, and if your friend in the airline industry wants to discuss further then feel free to put in touch!