Paid into old bank details

DM? Last time I sent the details. You asked me not to on the community. Please can you send me email address so I can send you all the information?

Faruk Dasu


Yes I get my money back today. Godd work from revolut team on facebook and app support.

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I have the same issue :frowning: I have used old bank account details when transferring money and I do not see them for almost 3 days already. Bank told me that the transfer was successfully made. Can you help me @anon33247966? No one is replying me on in-app chat for almost a day! Unbelievable…

Hi I paid mine into the old account in March and am still waiting 3 months later. I’ve managed to link up with Andreas from this community Forum. Let’s wait to see what he can do. Watch this space.

I’d recommend linking up with one of the revolut staff members from this forum. I didn’t find the app chat method helpful at all.

Who was it that said they got they money back. I’d love to know how and how long it took?

Faruk Dasu

Oh it was Joe 57! How did you get your money back joe? How long did it take?

How come??? 3 months??? IMPOSSIBLE. I hope @anon33247966 will try to solve our issues ASAP. I cannot afford to lose that money. If no action is taken tomorrow, we need to escalate it using all possible ways, and I wonder @revolut don’t want to have bad reputation in the internet. Having technical issues is one thing, but not replying to your customers is a quite worrying.

Luckily I got my missing money paid onto my card within a week of the transfer being done. It’s still too long to have money in limbo I think and I sympathise with those in this situation as it’s so difficult to sort anything out with customer services being online only. Their attitude is very ‘Oh Well’ and vague and they don’t seem to be able to give you real answers. I work in banking and I would never treat my customers this way.

Thanks Nat. Mines been over 3 months now!! Come one Andreas K. See if you can sort this in the next week?

Good morning everyone,

I am experiencing the same issues here, I transferred money from my French bank account to the old Revolut bank details that required to reference your account number in the label of the transfer.
But customer service says they can’t do anything, and the transfer is not rejected because the account still exists apparently (that is what my French bank says).

Who do you think could help?

Hi @anon33247966,
I just made the same mistake with a huge amount of money.
As I’m buying my house, I need this money back asap.
Can you please help me?

This is a user community there is no Revolut support here (anymore).