Paid into old bank details

Hi there I’ve paid into the old bank details instead of the new unique numbers. Has anyone else fine this and had money returned? The app people say it will eventually credit, the Facebook people say it will return in a week. Meanwhile my money is floating around and i have no available funds.

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Hello @Natg83,

You have contacted me on Facebook earlier today. As this transfer paid into the old bank details most likely will be rejected and return back. Rest assured, if we receive the transfer we will assign it into your account.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K

Andreas, my bank say if the money had gone into a non active account it would be returned within the hour. I cannot wait weeks to see what happens. It’s all the money I have and I need to know where it is.

I don’t understand why Revolut cannot check the bank details I have given that 8 have paid into and either assign or send back

Of course we have checked if this transfer has reached our eco system, but unfortunately it hasn’t so far.

But my bank say it’s gone through. It’s the same details I have ALWAYS paid into. What can I Do?

Unfortunately, you have to be patient until either Revolut has your payment in their system or your bank gets it back. There is nothing you can do about that at the moment. If you have provided @anon33247966 with all of the details, he will take care of your payment once it reaches :r:

All the best,

What worries me is my bank say the payment has gone. Revolut say they dont see. In this case, where is my money and how do I get it back.

It can take up to 5 days to process the payment. So you should contact you bank after 5 days when :r: still can’t see it after that time


I wanted to make the point that I also paid into the old Revolut bank account by accident(as the account details were already saved on my internet banking facility when I used this way of paying into my Revolut account 2 years ago).

My last payment into the account was exactly four weeks ago. I still haven’t had the money paid back to me. When I conversed with customer support via the app (i.e. Through messagaing which isn’t ideal) I was also told that the money should come back to me in ten working days). I’ve still not received the money despite it being 4 weeks ago now. Ive got in touch with my own bank who said they’d look into it. They contacted Revolut’s bank. The bank contacted Revolut and got back to my bank saying the account holder has not responded. I’m now £100 short and wondering if Revolut will ever pay me back??? I’ve been telling my friends about what a wonderful product you offer but now doubting if I can trust you. What do say Revolut.

Does anyone know a telephone number I can call to actually speak to an advisor?

there is no phone number unfortunately, but feel free to contact or send a message to @anon33247966 who will be happy to help you out and solve the issue.

Hope that will help you out.


Hey @Faruk1.

I have deleted your phone number as this is a public post. Please check your inbox.


I have done the same mistake yesterday. Please help me

Can you help me @anon33247966?

Hi @Faruk1, did you get back your money ?

I think we’re in touch on Facebook, is that right? :slight_smile:

Still not got my money back. The customer service is terrible. I can never get hold of anyone using the text service. And no one fro. The community is getting back to me. Please let me know if you have any success

Faruk Dasu

No. I don’t use Facebook. Do you work for revolut? Can you arrange for me to have my money back. Please, please, please?? You had it in your old account since April.

Faruk Dasu

Yes I work for Revolut. Could you please DM me with a little more info?