Ordering physical card into different country


Hello. I just registered on Revolut. Now I am in Singapore, my address is in Slovenia EU. I will be Here in Singapore 7 days. Can I please order card on this address of my friend.

Thank you


The first card has to be ordered to your legal address. The second one can be ordered to any address.

And don’t hope to arrive in the next 7days anyways. There’s a huuuûge delay in card delivery :slight_smile:

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Well on helpdesk they say it should work but i have some technical issues. Even premium card cant order on second address. We are checking the solutions now


It’s written in T&C

The first card has to be ordered to the legal address. No workaround… no matter if it’s standard or premium. …

And more than this, don’t expect to arrive in 7 days. I’ve ordered mine last Wednesday and if I’m lucky enough it will be posted on Monday. Maybe. …


Well they said it should be send to second address. And delay is over it was till 11th


They didn’t sent etc the Cards ordered in 10 :joy: were scheduled for posting on 11. Not even today. Maybe in Monday…

As I said. In my opinion I won’t risk. Time is too short… of you order it now maybe is gonna be posted on Monday. Then it takes 3-4 business days.
If it’s posted in Tuesday then won’t arrive on time…