Ordering a physical card

I already have a virtual card and I would like to order a physical card , are the numbers going to be the same ?

Am I only going to be charge 6€ and that’s it ?
How long is it going to be valid for ?

You will get the exact same numbers and dates as the virtual card already shows.

The cost is a one time fee, don’t know what happens down the line in 3 years when it’s running out but i guess €6 for 3 years is pretty ok :grin:

Hey @jeremie31,

No, the number won’t be the same. You’ll receive a new card with new numbers.

If you’re planning to keep both cards active then a new physical card is £10 (£5 Spare Card Fee + Standard Delivery £5) or currency equivalent.

Really? When i ordered my card the details was shown in the app and it was exactly the same as the physical card that eventually arrived.

Yup, it has recently changed, 2-3 months ago!