Optional maestro card

Have there been any updates about Maestro support in Belgium? Just tried to pay in Colruyt, only to discover how poor MasterCard support is here.

Maestro card is now available for Belgian :+1::belgium::tada:

There is now a type option when you add new card.

I do like the suggestion of a Visa/Vpay combination on 1 card. (In 2018 already)

For 2021 this really is a great addition as more companies getting aware of their part in being “eco friendly”.
For Premium and Metal users this will save 1 additional platic card (for Maestro). And on the long term also the free/plus users could benefit by issuing one card with both the Visa and Vpay support.

Is there any update on availability of maestro for the accounts based in the Netherlands?

You can order a standard Maestro card only if you’ve given a Dutch address (or Belgian, or German). I’m in Belgium, and it seems like Maestro is always an option in the app.

Available for Italian users too. 2nd option on “base” cards…

Not so useful in Italy, but I’ll grab it since is usefull in many European and Asian countries too… (mostly on ATM or tickets vending machines).

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I don’t see iDeal going away because of Mastercard’s decision to phase out Maestro. Maestro never was a national scheme, the infrastructures aren’t related, and iDeal is very established. The biggest “threat” to iDeal might be a pan European P2P scheme like EPI (European Payments Initiative), based on SCT Inst. – but that project doesn’t look that promising right now.

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It seems that Revolut has implemented the idea. Unfortunately not satisfactory for all users.
Due to expiration of the card, I ordered a new one via app. In the ordering process, a Visa card was displayed. Received I have now a maestro card , which is not accepted by Paypal for example. I created now a virtual card for this need.

The is no longer Maestro. It was phased out. No Maestro will be ever issued from July 2023

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But Albert Heijn neglects to solve their problem and they still don’t accept credit and debit cards which creates a reputation problem to the entire country. Visitors just don’t understand and think they are in a 3rd world country

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A Maestro (or Visa Electron) would be nice to use revolut in Brazil because those 2 are recognized was debit cards, when Visa/MasterCard debit are seeing was prepaid credit card, so they have higher fees and some places doesn’t take credit, only accepting debit.

Since maestro will be soon dead (at least in Europe), I don’t know how will reflect here.

The brand maestro was replaced by “MasterCard débito” here, but the card function itself still maestro inside.

About dual mode cards, here in Brazil our cards have it by default but the functions are for credit and debit.

On my itaú card it have MasterCard for credit transactions and maestro for debit, so we (usually the clerk) select the function and we tap or inset our card to pay.

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I tried McDonalds and AH with use Revolut card (Visa) and works well

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Great to hear that @SametDoi. :star_struck:

SG | Community Team

Almost every AH is accepting MasterCard and Visa debit cards now as their terminals have been replaced (or are soon too be replaced due to Maestro being no longer issued as of July 2023).

I do have a Maestro card from Revolut, and have stored it home for some weeks now and use only a MasterCard and Visa debit from Revolut so far no problems encountered in The Netherlands.


Thanks for letting us know about it @Youssf. :hugs:

SG | Community Team