How to get a Rev. Maestro card in The Netherlands?

Keep in mind that the security settings in the app refer to the method for authorization. Apple Pay supports two kinds of payments: for in store payments with the phone or the watch, then “contactless” is relevant. When you use Apple Pay to pay for in-app purchases, app subscriptions, on websites, then “online transactions” is relevant. So if you block “online payments” for a specific card, in-app payments with Apple Pay using this card should be affected as well.



I have a similar problem, can someone help. I am based in the Netherlands, but if I try to set my account to the Dutch address, the app asks me to confirm my nationality as Dutch (with the Dutch ID etc.). Can I somehow register as a person who lives in NL and order Maestro card here without having Dutch nationality?


Sounds like this was changed recently. In the past I have been perfectly able to change the country where I am living in the Revolut app, without needing to prove I had the nationality of that new country (which I hadn’t).

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Hi Nijen. Sorry for commenting on this old thread but I couldn’t find a way to message you directly. I wanted to ask you did the Maestro physical card work for you to pay in-store? I don’t wanna buy it and pay for shipping to just have to throw it away. Thanks in advance.

No problem,

The physical Maestro card works fine in, let’s say, 80% of the cases. Sometimes parking garages don’t accept it, and from time to time it doesn’t work in shops that do not accept credit cards.

I dot not see that option at the moment. Has it been removed?

App has changed a little since the previous screenshot, but option to order a Maestro card is still there. See screenshot below.

Also keep in mind that having a Plus subcription (2.99€/month) eliminates all shipping costs for the Standard Shipping option. Instead of paying 6-8€ for shipping, you get the card delivered for free.

Hello, I recently moved to the Netherlands and I would like to obtain a maestro card since my visa one is not accepted in a lot of places. The issue is that there is no option for maestro as shown above.

Did you change your address in Revolut app already to your new address in the Netherlands? My address is in the Netherlands (since I live there) in the Revolut app and I still have the possibility to order a Maestro card.

Recently, I came to the Netherlands from the UK and changed the address but still didn’t get the option to order Maestro. Did anyone get any solution for this?

Am in same boat as you, unable to get a Maestro card from Revolut (the chat support said they had none, but I wonder if more numbers come into stock?..)

So yeah, I now have a Revolut card which cannot be used in the AH supermarket even via Apple Pay. NL is such a closed-shop for finance.


I reside in Finland. Trying to apply for Maestro physical card. I only get Visa. So do I have to have an address in The Netherland to obtain maestro?

I am about to visit to The Netherlands on August

Revolut issues Maestro in a various regions like the Netherlands, Germany and various others. “Having an address” is not sufficient. It’s about residency. (And it would be a violation of Revolut’s T&Cs to make false statements about this, so I wouldn’t recommend it.)

I also have this problem in the Netherlands these days.
For some strange reason many places/shops in the Netherlands do not accept my VISA card.

Cannot we even get a virtual card for a few days?

After contacting support, they told me that I can only get/order a physical card (not virtual) if I stay in the Netherlands. Otherwise unfortunately they cannot give a virtual Maestro card.

What’s weird is they killed off my Maestro, that I got as a resident.

Hi! I’d like to subscribe to a premium account but it doesn’t have an option to pick a maestro card. Is it only applicable to the standard plan? (I have a Netherlands address)

Hi there. “Standard” cards are available on all plans, including Premium and Metal. If the Maestro card doesn’t show up for you, I suggest to contact customer support via in-app chat.

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