"Online transactions" option not working


Did anyone noticed that the “Online transactions” option in the Security menu isn’t doing anything anymore? I need to limit the monthly amount on my card in order to stop online transactions from happening.


Hi there. As I can see you’ve set up a spending limit on your card. :slight_smile: Make sure the transactions is within your spending limit.


I use a Revolut card exclusively for online operations. However, I only like to activate the “online transactions” option when I do one. Since a few weeks, having this option on or off is the same as being always on. The spending limit was an attempt to fix this by blocking any transactions over a certain limit.


I can see that the error messages is “Card limits reached”.


But the error messages are not the problem here. They appeared because I forgot to increase the limit.

The problem here is that the “online purchases” option in the Card Security menu isn’t working. Toggling the option doesn’t do what it should, as it did months before. I can make online purchases with the option disabled (as you can see on your backend, all my last online transactions were made with that option OFF, what shouldn’t happen if the feature was working).


Any news on this?..