Online game shops like Instant Gaming

Just wanted to buy a game on “instant gaming”…its declined :sob:

On the bright side - revolut saved you money :grinning:

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Stay cool and press the keyboard pretending that you already playing the game.

Unfortunately, revolut miss 3D secure!

They’ll have it soon because it’s going to be required :slight_smile:

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But still works with paypal

Yes, but then im paying fees for paypal…

You can disable it
Its very good hidden away

Avoid PayPal’s High International Currency Exchange Rates by Making One Little Adjustment During Checkout

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Price is in web shop automatically higher, you cant change that…

I am just lucky then
I have set my paypal account to avoid currency exchange rate

All of my online payment with paypal are local currency

Two different things?

DCC can be disabled. But merchants might charge extra for Paypal as payment method.