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Are you tired of juggling multiple apps and platforms to manage your business finances? :crying_cat_face: Do you feel like you need three hands and a magic wand to keep everything running smoothly? Well, say hello to Revolut Business - the one app to rule them all! :person_tipping_hand:

With Revolut Business, you can wave goodbye to the headache of managing finances, payments, and expenses across multiple apps. This app lets you do it all in one place, saving you time and simplifying your life. It’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket! :rocket:

No more jumping between apps to manage different currencies - Revolut Business is like having a genie in a bottle - it lets you manage multiple currencies in one app! Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to a whole new world of simplicity. :dancing_women:

Expense management is a breeze with Revolut Business - The app makes expense management a breeze with real-time expense tracking, plus the ability to issue virtual or physical cards that feel like having a personal expense tracker and accountant with you!

Invoicing has never been easier than with Revolut Business - Revolut Business takes the headache out of invoicing with its easy-to-use tool that lets you create and send professional-looking invoices in minutes! Plus, with direct payment into your Revolut Business account, you’ll be getting paid faster than you can say “cha-ching!” :money_mouth_face:

Insights and analytics - You can unleash your inner financial genius and make informed decisions like a boss with its powerful insights and analytics. Get real-time updates on your balance, projections on your cash flow, and transaction analysis that will take your financial strategy to the next level! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Revolut Business truly is the one app to rule them all. So why not simplify your life and take control of your finances today? Sign up for Revolut Business and watch the magic happen! :hugs:


Hi I have a problem. I am new to revolut but find it difficult to set up my app on my phone


@Ifeyinwa Hello :wave: Welcome to the :r: community. :star_struck:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble setting up the Revolut app. Could you please specify which step of the account setup process you are facing difficulty with?

Veda | Community Team

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I closed my eyes while taking the selfie and returned back to resnap self and got sticked.

Kindly delete the profile so ai can start all over again.

Thank you
Gladys oseafiana

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@Ifeyinwa I am sorry to inform you that we cannot help you with this. Please contact us through app chat so that we can assist you. :pray:

Veda | Community Team

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Ok so revolut is moving toward becoming a super app and they are on the correct track. with the travels page on revolut you can already book hotels & experiences but one additional feature I would love to see is a transport section - I want to be able to search/compare and purchase plane/train/taxi/bus tickets straight from the app.

reolut can make money through commissions from people purchasing tickets so the price doesn’t incur on their users. Something similar to that’s the key I travel a lot as a digital nomad and I want the cheapest so having a great search engine is key! to book multi-stop flights. If I want to travel from London to e.g. Dubai to this address I want to be able to book the train to the airport/plane/taxi to the hotel all in a seamless booking system - for ultra users even concierge service would be an added bonus (still on the waitlist btw :wink: )

Anyway just thought I would love to see this implemented into Revolut this would make it incredible enticing and whilst I have your attention please add hostels to you hotel’s catalog!

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Hello everyone :wave:,

We have started a new series about Revolut Business where we will cover all the common problems regarding business accounts. Check out our first and second topic here. :rewind:

SG | Community Team