Notifications management

Yes please get rid of Emojis in notifications! :pray:t2:


Just turn off Wallet notifications in the Wallet app.

Click on the card, click three dots in the upper right corner and then you will see option to turn off notifications.

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OK that actually works, didn’t find that before because after pressing the three dots, you still have to go to “transactions” to get the notification option and I wasn’t in that transaction section before.
I only wish the Revolut Notifications were more professional and didn’t contain stupid Emojis. The wallet notification just looks so much cleaner!

See this is why we need notifications control. I find that really useful and in addition would like a monthly one as well

on the same subject , is it also possible to add a control switch so that the payment notifications can be switched to plain text ? as of now they use a custom view on Android and they are not being picked up by most smart watch services and this is very annoying .

Just to add my two pence: I too would love to see a way to manage my notifications. I don’t want to get notifications about perks, since I don’t use them. In fact, I cannot use them because I did not agree to the third party thingy. The unwanted notifications and the mobile phone buzzing that goes with it always gives me a tiny pang of anxiety. :sweat_smile:

This is more urgent now that Revolut wants to spam me with the cryptocurrency price fluctuations.
Please add a way to opt-out of that. I find other notifications, including product announcements, very useful, but there should be separate channels and everyone can choose their own set of notifications.

Yeah, I also don’t like the alerts that random tickers that I don’t even own moved with a few percent. I want to only get the essential stuff - e.g. payments, outage notifications, etc.

Please, add options for controlling the notifications!

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There are third party apps for pairing invoices just via inbox e-mail. This would be cool - to have a special field for such an e-mail adress. Invoice pairing would be automated with these apps.

I think the notifications are a good thing in general BUT:

I have a watchlist for shares but I think I get notifications for all shars going up or down. I don´t even want to see that for all shares on my watchlist. I use the watchlist solely to have a better overview over those shares I´m interested in.
Would it be possible to add a switch for each share and cryptocurrency so that I only see notificatons of those I want to see? And then perhaps a history of notifications (e.g. the last five notifications for each share?

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Oh, no, I just got a BTC notification that I can’t turn off! Oh, no, not another thing that never gets fixed! Please @AndreasK ! Please add a way to control notifications else I will turn them all off and then I may miss something important. Your app is crying wolf. Please give us the choice. Thanks!

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I don’t know how to manage this fórum.

I try to post here to receive help

I have tried in firefox and in microsoft Edge.
I don’t see the button new post anywhere, only the option reply

Hi can you help me please to see what happened with my transfer because i didnt recive the payment in my acount i spoke with your Teambuilding they Said they can not locate my payment i give them the Reference number but they dont Know So please help to se what happened with the money

Good day for all! Revolut asks me to verify my ID & I did it several times by my Revolut app. Despite this, Revolut asks me to verify once more & once more. Does anybody know any actual email of Revolut?

I had to create account here just to tell you I want to manage the notifications, I don’t want to see how is bitcoin doing, I want to know if I got money on my account or if transaction went well.

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I think this is really relevant. I receive tens of notifications a day about stock prices going up and down! I would like to disable those kind of notifications. In Android apps can define different types of notification, so the user can disable them selectively. Revolut only has General notifications. I’m not disabling that, because I don’t want to miss important alerts.

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Some third party apps [like invoicing apps] are recieving e-mail notifications directly from classic banks about recieved payments to pair these payments with invoices. So it would be great to enable e-mail notifications for this. To be able to set e-mail per each account in Revolut for this. E-mails format should not change so often - yet it is changing sometimes, so the apps are still “chasing” the changes and pairing still works :]

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