Notifications management



Currently I can ony turn on or off the notifications.
What I would like is to manage my notifications independently for android notifications and email.
I also want to be able to manage the different notification types I get. For example I don’t need to know that I’ve send a money transfer.

,KR Koen

More control over notifications, clean or improve current ones

Thank you for your feedback @Koen!

Why you would like to control notifications?


Hey Andreas!

Well this is pretty basic- and I’d say every major application provides this functionality. Like LinkedIn or Facebook. Go to settings -> notifications and configure what you want to get and what channel to use.
You get to control what’s important for YOU so that you always see what you want and at the same time, you’re not overwhelmed.

At the same time, to keep it easy, the default settings are probably OK for the majority.

I just LOVE Revolut’s notifications and what they contain; having that said, when on a trip, after making n number of transactions, every new transaction notification becomes boring.
Side note: It’s still pointless to use Revolut card in Poland to me- if I could “earn” free Revolut ATM withdrawal limit just by paying in PLN, you’d see thousands of PLN of turnaround on my R card every month. For now, my PLN Miles and More credit card is far more beneficial.

I’d always want to see a push notification about card payments outage or support messaging me, though. But I should be able to control that.

Simple as that.


Made a mock-up based on your feedback.




I think you also need extra switch buttons for the email notifications.
Or how does it currently work? Do I get an email when I’m not logged in in the app and when I’m logged in I receive a push notification?

I would put order:
Inbound transfer
Outbound transfer
ATM withdrawal

because the inbound transfer is the most interesting one to me.


Thank you guys - that’s really helpful.

I’ve passed this on :slight_smile:



To add to the requests for customising notifications please could you consider adding controls for currency conversion rates and travel insurance when changing countries?

My use case is that I live in one country and cross a border to another country daily, this means I receive at least 3 messages a day:

currency conversion rates for ‘new country’ notification
travel insurance for ‘new country’ notification
Hope you enjoyed your trip message

Unfortunately, I have had to switch off all Revolut notifications until this is solved.

Kind regards,


Maybe a history log of notifications would be useful.

I added my virtual credit card to Paypal… and was charged twice … 1x U$ 1 and 1x £ 1.
The dollar payment was reverted shortly after … the pound payment is now completed. I think I received a notification early on sunday morning saying that I received £ 1 from Paypal but it hasn’t been credited yet. Now I would like to read the notification again.


Hi. I copy the post I did in another thread cause this thread seems to be the correct one:

Any news on this? The notifications on vaults are very annoying. It could be great if we just recive a notification when a seartain percentage is completated like 25, 50, 75, 100. But right now avery spare change is notified, that means double notification: the one of the purchase and the vaults one.
Another thing to be nice to have is trusted places for purchases and trusted accounts so you can turn of notifications when you buy on this places.


I want to be able to disable notifications when a purchase or withdraw is fisical and in my city for example.


I’ve just started using Revolut and notifications seems quite annoying. Especially, things like “Hey, you’ve got some money on your account, why don’t you go shopping”. I would appreciate an option to configure notifications.

The level of annoyance is the only thing which makes me think about switching to competitors. I’m quite happy with everything else about revolut.