Notifications for inbound transfer

One thing I would like to see implemented sooner rather than later is notifications when inbound transfers (e.g. payments) are received. This is one area where the consumer Revolut app excels, and where Revolut for Business lags behind.

Why: I receive payment from my clients. I know the due date of all invoices sent, but some prefer to pay early and some are (whether we like it or not) inevitably going to pay late.

As is, I need to log in on the desktop at least daily, only to check if (and which) invoices have been paid. When I’m waiting for a particular payment that I know the client has made through SEPA, in some circumstances, I need to log in repeatedly throughout a day, or more.

How: E-mail notifications are easy to implement and would be very useful, even though it’s just a stopgap solution until there’s a full-featured app.

When an inbound transfer has been received, trigger an email notification. Ideally, the email should contain the essential information, such as who transferred the money and what the sum and reference is.

If that’s too sensitive to email according to Revolut, then simply state something along the lines of “You’ve received a transfer. Log in to find out more”. This would still be a huge timesaver.

Obviously, having a toggle to turn this feature on or off would be required, but if the off state is the default choice, granular settings could easily wait until later down the road.


life would be a lot easier if @revolut wouldn’t actively prevent from been open from mobiles.

Also, HTML5 applications have mechanisms to notify you on the fly without resorting to insecure e-mail


Thank you for your suggestions @Johanejohansson and @alejandro.mery
I will pass this to our relevant team and possibly all suggestions will be implemented in the future to make our product better. :pray:

I +1 this request, that would be amazing!

@alejandro.mery E-mail needs not be insecure.
In an ideal world, anything that generates e-mail would optionally ask for your public PGP key.
User is too lazy to use PGP and fill-in a key? “You have a new payment” it is.

Facebook does PGP encrypted e-mail. I wonder how many % of users use it.

In an even more ideal world, :r: would have a Business app.