Not good services


Hello I pay premium and I have problem to log in after I changed mobile phone number . I need send money but cant log in and no one is sorting this problem from revolut.


Support is slow, how long have you been waiting?


Did you type “live agent” in the inapp chat ?


The inapp chat is a waste of time, I’ve tried it & gave up after a few hours. The customer service is absolutely abysmal on both the app & on this forum.

It’s about time Revolut introduced a support phone number & increased their support staff & options. It’s unusable & unworkable in it’s current state.


Cant log in to app so cant using chat in app.


Its been like this for at least the last year.


Unfortunately I have a problem with blocked account for security reasons more than 1 month ago without solution… and I made a claim again by app help center more 2 days ago and I had no been answered yet…I think with this bad customer service I dont dare to enter money and to operate normally… It is a pity. Regards. Francisco R.


I’ve been trying the chat support for thelast7 hours without success…


It’s a shame because :r: provides fantastic services !

But with the acceleration of the AML verification ( Perhaps requested by authorities following Banking licences ? ) and the number of customers ( 1m in November 2017, 1.5m in February 2018, 2m in June 2018 ) the support team(s) are not yet correctly sized…