No card in envelope


I ordered my revolut card a few days ago. Today I received an envelope with no card inside. I do not know who to contact to discuss this as I need this card urgently. The in app chat feature is not allowing me to speak to anyone

Can anyone please help me?


You should be able to talk through the SUPPORT chat im the App?

Have another look…


I have tried to but no one is responding to me


Try contacting @RevolutApp on Twitter :smiley:


I don’t have twitter - any other way?


Well, you can’t DM here on the community yet as you’re a new user, but I’ll go ahead and tag @AndreasK and he’ll help you out :slight_smile:


Thank you @c0stin

@AndreasK would you be able to help?


Oh no! Really sorry to hear that.

I will send you a direct message now to sort this out.


Andreas K.