NFC Mobile phone "card"


If I see correctly this was already mentioned but to refresh it as is not yet functional. It will be nice to use the mobile phone with NFC capabilities as a card (the card data are already in the app. the user approach the nfc terminal with the mobile phone and make the transactions. Before approaching the phone to the terminal the user has to open the app and enter the pin to authorize the transactions).

I know it will be just for android user as apple is forcing its apple pay through nfc. But that’s life you can’t satisfy everyone :slight_smile:


Hey @andrejcc, I believe it is not that easy. All these mobile payment services use an extra level of security, Apple’s security enclave, or HCE (host-based card emulation) in Android’s case. Mobile wallets, offered by some cellphone providers, use the SIM card. In principle, it should be possible to implement a HCE based NFC payment option into the Revolut app, but it is a little bit more complicated than “just” sending card informations via the phone’s NFC functionality to a terminal.


I know, just didn’t want to go into too much details. There are also solution on the market with the so-called ‘secure element’ in the cloud.
Let’s wait and hope for the best :slight_smile:


I would prefer integration with wallets like Apple Pay / Android Pay instead of another mobile payment solution. It seems more convenient from a customer’s perspective. Downside: Revolut would have to share a percentage of their margin.


very good idea, we have this solution already directly from banks but since Revolut has to offer the same services to all users android and iOS i think is a bit tricky :slight_smile:


Well, this ios android capabilities difference is sth that is changing all the time and different developed products uses the functionalities that are available (when and where they are matched on rival OS is not necessarily an issue). We can just wait and see :slight_smile:


Are there any new developments in this direction?
It would be really good to pay at the store or market at the terminal only with a mobile phone. And that would make Revolut perfect.
I noticed that boonpayment offers this kind of payment but it’s not available in my country.
And if in the future comes solution with Android Pay it wouldn’t be perfect solution either so far I know Android Pay need to be supported by the merchant.


There’s the french startup Paylib for this kind of in app NFC payment capabilities ! I wrote about it in another post :slight_smile:


I would love to have this functionality too, if Samsung Pay is too difficult to achieve.


In Switzerland, Postfinance has this functionnality for his own card through his own app. No Samsung or Android Pay… just pure App of the bank. This card can be then activated in Android settings. I love it and everybody is always wondering how I do it :wink:


This bank does it without google pay:

Please add the same feature to the Revolut app.


Not only this. In Poland we have at least a few banks which have NFC cards connected with HCE


While it’s certainly a possibility on Android based systems to use HCE, my personal experience with most of those implementation is just “meh”, meaning, too many handling problems because at least to my experience most of those have issues for example with payments when the App isn’t open and sometimes other issues related to how HCE works in general.

==> Apple Pay and Goole Pay are actually the only things that work nicely for normal people who don’t want to fiddle around with technology more or less

Not saying Revolut shoulnd’t look into it, but I guess it’s more useful to look into the native payment systems first.
Given that Revolut showed that they have major issues with releasing features in time due to their start-up/marketing focus on growth instead on features, I’d say they should concentrate on the more useful ones first.


+1 to support NFC payment in the phone.
As most people now, I have my phone faster at hand than my credit card ! No doubt that this is the future way to pay.
I leave it to Revolut technical teams to chose the most appropriate solution. Don’t be the last “bank” to support it…
I am using android.


+1 NFC Mobile pay Would be nice to have Mobile pay with NFC capable mobile phones