New T&C's - Where are they??


I opened the app this morning and got a notification telling me that there’s a change in the T&C’s and to download a new version of the app. It also said if I download the new version of the app I’ve agreed to the T&C’s but if I don’t there’ll come into force anyway about 4 weeks later (can’t remember the exact dates as I X’d out of the pop up and it doesn’t come up anymore)

Can someone from the @revolut team point me to where the new T&C’s are and what exactly has been changed??

EDIT - Never mind, I’ve found them. Can read them here

I would still like to know which points of these new T&C’s has actually changed


Hi @Macca,

It’s an update, that we’re moving over to our own E-money license. If the user opts in, this will start from Jan 16th. If they don’t opt-in, it will apply to all users from Feb 20, 2017 unless they inform us to the contrary.


I often find :r: explanations are not that clear and need further detail.

I assume what you actually mean is “unless they inform us to the contrary in which case your account would be closed”?


Yes that’s correct. You’re always welcome.