New insurance options for Metal

And the excess fee is £50 now. What are your thoughts?

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My thoughts remain the same as before: Buy real insurance. Read the insurance coverage document and be underwhelmed. I have yet to read any coverage document from a credit card provider being anywhere near up to par with real insurance. You will most probably experience that you are significantly underinsured when you might need it.

To me, the insurance that comes with a credit card, is a nice extra. It’s not a feature I am willing to pay extra for.


so, just to understand. if you choose metal you pay 13 per month. and for the car-hire excess you pay extra 50?

I don’t get it.

The Car Hire Excess covers damage to glass / tyres / windshield but excludes any scratch / damage to paint or any damage to the body of the vehicle?

That pretty much excludes any of the most common damage that is likely to occur during a rental. :man_shrugging:

Looking at all the exclusions, calling this ‘excess cover’ insurance at all looks very dubious indeed to me.
Going to catch a few people out for sure