New card doesn't work?


Hi There,

I just got my new Revoult card through the post today.

I loaded money onto the card to ensure there is there.

However I went to a supermarket today to test if it worked to buy a drink and the contactless didn’t work nor did the pin.

Any idea? Im I meant to unlock the card before hand or does money take 3-5 days to enter the account or soemthing?

I appreciate your help.


Hi JoshBrown

Did you “Activate card” via the mobile app?



Hey Patrick,

Thanks, I think I may have done it.

But to double check how do I activate the account, where do I find it?



Hello @JoshBrown :slight_smile:

I think what @PatrickL means is going into the app, and then to the Card tab. There, check if there’s a button to Enable/activate card :wink:


Great, think its sorted.



Hey @JoshBrown

As I can see your Revolut card is active and your account is verified :tada: :confetti_ball:

Remember you have enabled a spending limit for your card :slight_smile:


Andreas K