New account doesn’t ask for verification docs


I’ve opened a new personal account today. I was asked to topup in order to get a card which I have done. I was then asked to verify my account but when I go to verification and limits it asks me to top up and there is no request for documents. I added more to the account but I’m still being asked to verify the account. Getting no response from support.


From the UK by any chance?


yeah I am from the UK.


Certain UK users can verify their identity with a credit card top-up. Have you used a British card?


I used a visa debit card to top up which is a British card. OD I need to top up to the full amount to verify? Seems strange given that all funds are at your own risk until you are verified.

“Until you have completed this step, you are not bound by Revolut’s General Terms of Service. Any card top ups or bank transfers you send into your Revolut account before verifying your identity will be made at your own risk and are subject to applicable fees.”


Hmm, I am not familiar with Revolut’s internals, so maybe they couldn verify you via the card. I cant tell I am afraid.

Try to contact support about the issue, they can start a manual verification via ID as well. Just expect some juicy waiting times :slight_smile:


thank you for trying to help


Hey. All the accounts need to be verified :slight_smile:

Could you please let me know what you mean by “I’ve opened a new personal account today”. Did you have an account with Revolut?



No I didn’t have an account before. I’m brand new to Revolut today.


Thank you for clarifying this. Welcome onboard :slight_smile: