My trip to Thailand

Hi guys, just want everyone to know about my trip to Thailand and the use of my Revolut metal card. Everything worked out perfect, card was used lots wit no extra chrages, if there was going to be a charge i just walked to cash point, draw the cash out and pay cash, the cash point chage was less than 6 pounds (thialnd change nothing to do with Revolut) and the 6 pounds was alot less than the charge if i was to of paid by card. Was so easy to view and see what exchange rates was and what i was spemding. Just so you know, here in the uk your card comes out the machine then your cash, dont do me as cash came out and i walked off leaving my card in machine, but instantly canceled my card and had a new virtual one put on my app that i could use through my phone. So all good Revolut 110%

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@Hartsta Hello, Welcome to the community. :star_struck:

Sounds like your Thailand trip was fantastic! We love hearing about happy Revolut travelers. And thanks for the heads up about the ATMs - definitely a good tip to remember for anyone visiting the UK! :sunflower:

Veda | Community team

Hi there! It was useful to read your Thailand experiences with Revolut, as I am in the same shoe.
Do I understand it correctly, that it was possible to withdraw cash with nfc through your phone? Revolut card in Apple pay could do that?
I would be greatful for your answer.
Thanks, Kata