My Revolut Experience so far (2 issues)


Hello dears. First of all, a big well done for such a fun product. It really simplifying my daily banking needs. I’ve opt-in for premium to benefit from virtual & disposable card, increased ATM withdrawals and a beautiful card.

Issue 1:
Recently I’ve top-up 1,000 £ from HSBC UK debit card . All went fine, however there’s a 1 £ fee at HSBC for this transaction. It seems to be an authorization fee , correct ? It should disappear and maybe there’s an opportunity to improve Customer Communication ?

Issue 2:
Paying online with disposable card. Booking my trip to Norway i used this card option to pay at however payment was declined by car rental. I think there’s a “session or caching” on the app because first disposable payment is done, I’m notified a new disposable card is available and previous one destroyed. So, on the 2nd payment maybe the iOS app did’t had time to refresh the new card information and i used the initial card to recur a payment… which is not designed to work in such a way.

Keep up,