My payment has gone missing, many hours wasted with Revolut and their ‘support’ staff

I made a transfer with revolut to an Italian bank account on Feb 7th. The beneficiary tells me they never received it and their bank cannot identify the payment without a reference number. I have spent hours on the chat to Revolut support but the message is always the same: “sorry nothing we can do, the payment processor can not provide any details of the payment apart from confirming the name of the sending bank”. According to them all I can do is sit and wait and one day maybe the funds will be returned to me, or not. Which is obviously absurd. Extremely frustrating experience with Revolut and huge waste of time. Never had this issue with a bank. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can find out what happened to this payment and why it hasn’t been received? Thanks!!!

You could try to contact them via twitter or Facebook, or here sending a direct message to one of the forum moderator

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